Learn how to make MetaCert technology available to your own customers by easily integrating with our API. By building an integration, you’ll be able to expose MetaCert’s features through your own business model. Our API can be easily integrated with different types of businesses:

  • Rapid Enterprise Application Development
  • Document Indexing
  • Enterprise Chat
  • URL Embedding

What can be Integrated?

MetaCert technology can be integrated into a different number of ways. From exposing the API through plugins to making it completely invisible to your users, multiple options are available:

  • Abstracting MetaCert API by offering a plugin that your customers can use to build their own applications
  • Calling MetaCert API from your backend before opening or indexing URLs, making sure they are safe
  • Asking MetaCert API whether a URL is safe to use before displaying it in a chat window
  • Choosing which URLs to embed based on their safety, as retrieved from MetaCert API

Building your own Integration

To make things easier, we provide ready to use SDKs in popular programming languages. If the language you’re using is not listed, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to offer an SDK that you can use: