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maxkatzWe’re excited to be collaborating with MetaCert. With our integration of the MetaCert Security API our joint developer community can rapidly build responsive web and mobile apps with the peace of mind that they are protected against malware and phishing attacks that can take place inside legitimate apps. They can also block NSFW content from being shared or used in their apps.

Max Katz, Head of Developer Relations for

How it works for App Developers

Watch the video below to see how easy has made it for developers to add the Security API as a plug-in.

To make it easy for developers to use the MetaCert Security API, has published a MetaCert plug-in. developers can quickly add the plug-in to any new or existing app and check the reputation of any web links in the app. At present, it is possible to check the reputation of links against ‘Malware & Phishing’, ‘Pornography’ and ‘File Sharing’.

Apperio MetaCert screenshot

We added File Sharing for the purpose of testing – it allows you to test the API without having to call URLs that are not safe for work. More details are provided below.

Developers who sign up for our Security API, either via a platform like or with us directly, can request access to an additional 60 categories.

The plug-in automatically configures the MetaCert Security API and provides a sample app. Using the ready-to-use example, developers can learn how to use the MetaCert Security API, expand the sample app, and add security to their app.

Below is what the simple MetaCert app looks like. It takes less than 5 minutes to build.

Apperyio MetaCert app results

How The App Works

Enter any URL and Security API will instantly check to see if the URL is categorized as ‘Malware & Phishing’ or ‘Pornography’. For example, if you enter a URL such as: (safe for work), you will see that the domain is labeled as ‘Image Sharing’ while the URL is classified as ‘XXX’ (Pornography) because the URL was found in a folder that was classified as ‘XXX’. You can see what the API response looks like on our doc page.

This example demonstrates the magic behind MetaCert’s web categorization platform. MetaCert is the first company in the world to have the ability to categorize domains, sub-domains, folders and URLs. No other categorization system will be able to return the categorization of images uploaded to this website in the future. This is because it’s technically impossible to classify every URL as they are created. This is particularly useful for sites like that host a lot of adult-based videos, with new videos uploaded every minute. By being able to categorize folders, we automatically categorize new videos as they are published.

More about combines the simplicity of visual development with the power of JavaScript to create mobile and responsive enterprise apps rapidly. Because the platform is 100% cloud-based, developers can focus on creating great applications, while we (or your IT department) worry about maintaining the platform. The platform is available for deployment in a private cloud or on enterprise premises.

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