With just six lines of code, our Security API takes less than an hour to integrate. It provides a light, but powerful layer of security to your app by providing you with intelligence on 10 BILLION URLs so you can protect users from Phishing, Malware and Pornography.

You only need to write a few lines of parsing code so your app knows how to handle classified URLs. And we'll help you with that if necessary. Integrate our API now and we'll give you 150 link validations every month, forever. No contract. No credit card.

API Documentation

“It took longer to write the press release than it did to integrate the MetaCert API with our platform. And we started to generate a new revenue stream within 24 hours.”

Founder & CEO, AppMakr

With over 1.8 million apps created on the AppMakr platform and thousands more being created daily AppMakr is the largest DIY publisher of mobile apps in the world.


Team Collaboration

Our Security Integration for HipChat is a perfect example to demonstrate how Team Collaboration and Enterprise Communication Services benefit from our API service. The Security Integration silently monitors messages inside rooms, warning users when a web link has been classified as malicious or inappropriate for work.


Whether you’re building a messaging app for your own company, or on an enterprise app for a client, end-users are not safe from malicious links inside your app if it has the ability to display web content.The MetaCert Security API is a low-cost security solution that can only increase your clients’ or end-users’ trust in your brand.

Porn-blocking Apps

If you’re building an mobile app or hardware device that allows end-users to block pornography, the MetaCert Security API is perfect for you. MetaCert is the first company in the world to classify down to the folder-level. This means the Security API catches hundreds of millions of URLs that our competitors fail to block.

App & API Platforms

Over 50% of apps built on the AppMakr Platform subscribed to at least one MetaCert Security Service. Of those, over 80% subscribed to both. By offering the Security API to your developer community you benefit from a new monthly recurring revenue stream. You also stand to benefit from positive PR for offering in-app security on your platform. Our API is extremely easy to integrate and we’ll help you along the way.